Is IQ Everything?

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iq-bell-curve.gifOne of the most interesting units during the semester was Chapter 9 on Intelligence and IQ testing. I was intrigued with our debate during the discussion section about whether or not IQ testing alone should be used by hiring managers in order to determine a if a candidate is suitable for the position. Here at the University of Minnesota I am planning on majoring in Human Resources and therefore I was able to really apply this discussion to my life. I believe that in the future, working in a human resources department I will remember the concept of IQ and how it can be used to help predict life outcomes. Although, IQ alone would not likely be used when hiring candidates, it can be a good predictor for real world outcomes. For example, our psychology text states, "The correlation between IQ and job performance is higher in more mentally demanding occupations, such as physician or lawyer than in less mentally demanding occupations, like clerk or newspaper delivery person" (333). I believe that in the future, when interviewing or deciding between candidates that IQ is not everything but can be a good predictor for how a persons behaviors and attitudes will be.


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This was a very interesting chapter and I agree with your position on this topic. With such a high correlation between IQ and job performance, one would think this measure would be used more. I think it could help predict successful workers, especially in jobs that are more mentally demanding. However, IQ tests would not be reliable in showing how sociable or well one works with other people.

I agree with you that IQ can be a good predictor of job performance, however, IQ cant be the only factors being measured by employers during the hiring process. So many other factors come into play, such as past experience and personality, that I feel IQ alone cant fully measure when trying to grasp the true potential of a candidate. If two employees were interviewing for a job, and one had interned at a similar company for a summer, but had slightly lower IQ score, and the other has no experience and slightly higher IQ, how can you pass up the experienced candidate?

IQ is 100% NOT everything. IQ can be sort of a predictor of future performance, either in jobs or in academic life. I believe that is should not be too included within the hiring process. SO many other things have a factor in job performance or if someone is a fit for a company.

I agree completely, this was probably the most interesting chapter out of any text book I've ever read. I personally think intelligence is the most interesting subject one can discuss because it sets us apart from anything else in the world. I personally, however, do not believe IQ is everything because it seems to rely heavily on one's ability to recall information which isn't directly related with future job performance. However, yes, IQ can play a role in the job application process; one can find out how hard someone worked in their life from an IQ test and it can indicate to an employer how well they might do.

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