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The power of the human mind is the most captivating aspect of psychology in general. Brain power has helped many intellectuals in the past accomplish great discoveries and inventions, but this same power has also encouraged much destruction and cultivation of evil throughout history. This is the paradox that I want to remember for the next five years and beyond. I will respect and encourage the growth of my own mental capabilities, but I also want to make sure I keep my perspectives in check. I will always remember that my perspectives and interpretations of one event may be completely opposite of someone else's perspective of the same event that I encountered. It is fascinating that one's own mind can create a false memory or false explanation for something that is then remembered as a true fact or occurrence. Being aware of these mental mind tricks will be vital when dealing with so many different people and situations in my future.


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I always knew that the mind was a complicated yet fascinating thing, but this course and our textbook opened my eyes to just how complex it truly is. I never really contemplated the idea of egocentrism, but after doing so, I feel like it has made my life less stressful, to a degree. I'm a very rash and abrupt person- jumping to conclusions left and right and getting irritated extremely easy. After learning about egocentrism and how people's perspectives of one thing differ drastically, however, I've learned to take into account other people's points of view when dealing with a frustrating task or project, and it's made it much easier for me to get along with others and to calm down. I definitely think learning about other people's perspectives and interpretations of an event differ from our own was a very important topic discussed in this course! Thanks for the post!

The human brain is truly a remarkable thing that should not be underestimated. It is so vast and complex tat we do not yet understand it completely. I feel like there is a lot of danger in the human brain, as you said, and that moving forward in its advancement could present amazing discoveries, but will also bring a risk to unpleasant findings. I think that this is also why it is so hard to understand psychological disorders or cure them.

I completely agree with you about having to keep perspective in situations where someone might see a situation differently. I find that sometimes I find this distinction hard to make out in my life. Sometimes I seem to say the wrong thing but in my head it sounds right. The person it is said to misunderstands my meaning and might get upset. I too will need to keep this in mind 5 years from now.

I think that is also something I need to practice in the next five years, not only for my profession, but also for my own life, and my self-recognition living in a country of being a newcomer. Brain is power and is our weapon to make our own ways in this world. It is really nice of yoj to bring this up.

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