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The "Big Five" will stick with me for a long time after psych 1001. It was one of the topics that I found most interesting. It's great to know about the different personalities that people have and also to be able to tell what type a person might have. I also think it would be interesting to learn more about how those personalities relate to some traits that each person has. I also think that it will be useful in my day to day life in dealing with all the different kinds of people that I will meet in my lifetime. By learning about the Big Five I will be better able to figure out which category people fit into and how to go about talking to and dealing with them. It will also allow me to work better in groups because it will help with figuring out people's strengths and weakness and how to utilize those for the betterment of the group. Learning about the Big Five is going to be a great thing to carry with me my whole life and I am glad that I got the opportunity to gain some knowledge on it in psych 1001.



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I agree with you. The big 5 are fascinating in that they describe the personalities of others and ourselves so well. Even when individuals feel that they are very agreeable and extraverted, the big 5 may prove to them otherwise. I find it particularly interesting how people with different strengths in the big 5 are able to mesh while other people aren't able to relate at all. It is a real eye opener to learning more about ourselves and others.

I thought that breaking down personality into 5 different aspects is helpful to understanding what my personality is made of. The thing that worries me is that I can't fit my personality into those sections even partially. I wish I knew a good method to calculate how much of each I have. This also made me question how the environment may affect how different characteristics are revealed at a certain moment and how your personality may be altered in different environments.

I agree that I will remember the big 5 well beyond psychology. Taking previous business courses, I have taken personality or behavior tests that help with job or group placement. In Carlson they use our strengthsfinder results to place us into groups that we do semester long projects with. Many companies use these tests and concepts like OCEAN to strengthen their work structure of ethic, so this could be another reason it will be prelevant in our futures.

I also find the concept of the BIG 5 interesting. What I find even more interesting is how it works in families. You would assume that a trait would trail from family member to family member due to the nature aspects--the genetics they share amongst one another--and the nurture commonality--sharing the same environment in which they are raised. However, we usually see a sibling high in one trait and another sibling on the far opposite end being portrayed in our movies and television shows. I wonder why that is. One of many examples would be siblings Bart and Lisa from show The Simpsons. Lisa Simpson is very Conscientious because she sets goals, she is attentive to details, and she is very reliable. Her brother, Bart, by contrast, is very unreliable. He breaks his promises, doesn't follow rules, and so on. Biological siblings, same father and mother, who show to be quite opposites and are literally on opposite ends in terms of the "conscientiousness" scale. They also seem to be examples that contradict the "nurture" aspect as well; both grew up and live in the exact same environment, yet are very different in regards to their personalities. So what makes a person the way they are? I also wonder if this difference is also factual in real life families. It would be a very interesting study!

Big five seems to be very true after we were grouped in the discussion . I was so happy to find out that I belong to the group that is the mostly like to excel in leadership. Looking back to my past years, other than school work, I did contribute my time vastly to team with others and serve in differenent underserved areas, like volunteer in dental clinic, set up field clinic in Costa Rica and Panama led by a non- profit organization, etc. Even though I'm usually a very quiet and shy person, I do have a passion to deliver interesting message embedded with some jokes when it comes to the time for talking with a group.

my only thoughts on this are that you have to take any personality with a grain of salt. It may be reflective but people are complex beings with varying motivations, ideas, and traits. People are always changing in response to outside stimuli, thus I don't think any personality assessment, EVER, can truly define an individual fully. Some things about us can be charted, and categorized but there will always be aspects of the human pyche that remain mysterious, at least at the current time.

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