Psychological Aspect of Conformity

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One thing in this class I really picked up on was conformity. I am a PSEO student and I remember seeing people conform all the time in high school. I have always been interested in how personalities or answers change with other people as a factor. I also wonder if conformity can change someone's personality. I will never forget watching that video where college students would purposely give something they know to be a wrong answer just because everyone else was giving that wrong answer. What goes through your head when that happens? Would you sit there and try to justify their answer over yours? I think that is what happens when people conform to fit in in high school. It is easy to conform when you are trying to fit in to a clique. I also think the concept of conformity is strange because there are times when people want to stand out for attention. Where do you draw that line I wonder? I also think that there are good times to conform. Such as when you are dealing with an expert on something and your viewpoints clash, it is probably smarter not to stick to my guns and agree with the expert. I am sure that this concept is something that I will continue to wonder about and observe for the rest of my life. I also think that understanding this concept more because of this class will help me in my social experiences so I can identify the good and bad aspects of conformity.


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Conforming might as well be a subject in high school. There is virtually no other way to figure out who you are in a high school setting without first figuring out who you are not. I remember bouncing from group to group in junior high and high school until I finally found a solid friend base at the end of my Sophomore year. These friends eventually came and left, but they led me to create new friendships with people that I met through the old group. It is such a relief to me when I realize how happy I am to not be in high school anymore (usually when my brother is griping about being involved in a lot of drama).

High school and middle school can be such tough times for people. It is a time when you're trying to figure out who you are, but trying to be what everyone else wants you to be. Those who make it through high school can make it through anything. I too am happy to be done with high school, but I wouldn't trade my experiences in high school for anything. Learning to be your own person is one of the greatest lessons that comes out of the high school experience.

It is weird to think how many people do conform. Even, in my own life I think about how many times I conform. I know for a fact that I would turn if everyone on the elevator if every one else was facing the same way. This makes me wonder what else I conform on or how much my friends conform to what I do. One example of people conforming is how much they change from high school to college. It is amazing how many people change due to their new environment and their new friends' views.

It seems that conformity is something that we catch on to very quickly. For as long as I can remember, I've been trying to fit some sort of boundaries to be accepted. I encountered this in wanting to please my parents by conforming to their beliefs, to school- to please friends, in church- to fit into a group. I wonder how different I would be if I would've refused to conform to people around me. Maybe the transition into adulthood and a married life would affect me as I start setting a standard for, say, my kids to conform to.

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