SElf actualization in todays world.

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Is self-actualization possible in todays world? I find the idea of self-actualization to be very interesting.
The idea of self-actualization in the last twenty years or so is one that has been forgotten, or perhaps the aim to become self-actualized is not one that is deemed to be important to many.


It may be a consequence of the times, and our financial obligations that frequently force us to focus on money instead of self-fulfillment, or self-analysis, but the focus on material wealth instead of many other things that would fulfill us, or make us culturally literate is prominent.
I am simply questioning this predisposition with currency as the beginning, and end of our lives. It is hard to argue against, "you need to eat." in an urban setting but many people go on perfectly well growing their own food, and living without money as a daily part of their lives.
What am I trying to prove? You might ask, well I'm simply making a comment about the idea of self-actualization in the context of history, and todays culture.
Perhaps the 'rocking-the-boat', aspect of self-actualization is now harder, and harder to achieve, considering the widespread lines of communication that the world now uses, everyone is capable of rocking the boat quite easily, and maybe people simply have stopped noticing it.
Overall it is my belief that people no longer focus on self, and self-improvement, or self-actualization because of the emphasis placed on financial "success" and material gains.


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I agree that financial success has become a standard measurement of achievement in today's society. Perhaps this has occurred due to the purely quantitative nature of money or due to the high value humans place on materialistic items. I think that social media and communication technologies have almost hindered our journey towards self actualization on an individual level. By focusing on what others are doing with their lives via Facebook or by following famous celebrities on twitter, we can easily lose focus of what we personally aspire to do with our lives.

Financial success is a huge measurement of achievement within the world. You see a guy get off a private jet and your like, "wow, that guy is a successful dude!" Social media is definitely one of the main factors that affects this with television shows and stuff. Everyone seems to adore celebrities which is a huge factor in our society's way of thinking.

Financial success seems to be one of the best measurements of achievement within our society because it shows how hard someone worked or the amount of natural talent they have. People realize their full potential and make the money that way.

I have to agree. The more money you have now means you worked hard earlier in life which leads to people thinking you are great. This train of thought seems to be one of the main ways that people are thinking. The only thing that matters is having a lot of money because it will effect how people view you. I tend to think that the success that people seem to have comes more from how people view the path to that success. If i mentioned a billionaire mobster and Bill Gates, most people would tend to relate Bill Gates with being more successful even if they had the same amount of money.

I, as well, believe that money is a big standard of achievement, especially in the United States. I believe that it has become harder to achieve a normal standard of living in the United States just because of our extremely competitive capitalist economy. People are worried they will not achieve financial stability because it is getting harder to come by, so they worry more and work more towards achieving that stability. All things aside, higher needs such as self-actualization are not being met because we are focusing most of our energy on our safety and self-esteem needs, as described in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. I think this is unfortunate, but it is not to say that nobody in the United States is self-actualized. I believe people have a preconception of what a self-actualized person is; maybe a monk living in the far east. How can someone be self-actualized and live in this materialist, consumption-centered society? The answer is that people can and do still do their best to achieve their fullest potentials. I don't think that all is lost.

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