The Big 5

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Five years from now I think the concept I will remember the most is the Big 5 personality characteristics. These 5 traits I think can describe everyone so well that it is important to know what type everyone is. When you know what type of personality a person is it is much easier to deal with the person. Whether you are going to sell them a car, serve them food, or treat someone for some sort of illness they may have a lot less conflict will arise and an easier sale, job, or diagnosis it will be. Not to mention how much happier your client will be when you cater for their personality. Therefore, becoming a pro at the Big 5 will help me the most in my career path, no matter which one I pick. five_facets.gif


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I agree! I think this is probably the most well rounded concept that can pertain to anyone's lives five years from now. I believe knowing five traits will be extremely useful in the workplace because you can create a workplace style that incorporates the best traits to work together efficiently.

I think the Big 5 is a very important concept to remember for the rest of our lives. Many large companies require their employees to take various personality tests. Meyers Briggs is a very popular personality test that many companies use. I took Business Seminar in High School and we were required to take various personality assessments. After viewing our results we had to have three close friends or family members write a paragraph about each of our traits. It was amazing how well the personality traits fit each student and how close friends or family could easily come up with many examples of how that trait fits each student. I think the big 5, which are extroversion agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness, and neuroticism, is a very good way to connect to others. Everyone has their own set of personality traits, but if you know how to interact and how to treat people with certain traits you will create better relationships with people. Personality traits are important in everyday life and communication.

This will help out undoubtedly in many facets of the career life. It will help throughout all facets of life. School life, academic careers, in the workplace, everywhere. The big five really help out so people can work well and great together!

I really like your article. At my father's work, they actually test all of their employees and place them into 4 categories: Red (extroverted, perfectionism, hardworking, leaders), Yellow (extroverted, easygoing, optimistic), Blue (introverted, analytical), and Green (introverted, caring, empathetic). They then made a poster of the four colors with the employees pictures placed on the color they have the highest score in. This was to help the employees establish better intercommunication with the understanding of how that individual tends to communicate.

I agree that the Big 5 is something I will take away with me for a lifetime. The Big 5 really can apply to everyone so whenever dealing with people it's easier when you actually know what category or categories of personality they are in. But even with the Big 5 in mind, we shouldn't try to predict or follow it so confidently. People can and will change so they might be very big in one category one year but then a couple of years do a complete 180, but again, it's still nice to know what they've changed into when they do change.

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