The Psychology of Sleep

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There are many ideas of psychology that may not stay with me as they may prove irrelevant to my everyday life. Some of these things include all of the different parts of the brain, or all the different psychologists and what they did. However, one thing I will remember forever as an important part of my daily life and psychological study is the psychology of sleep. Sleep is an integral part of daily life, especially for college students as we never seem to have enough of it. Our psychology textbook highlighted several important aspects of sleep including the following: the stages of sleep, the idea of consciousness, and disorders of sleep. I will never forget all that I learned about how consciousness is defined. More importantly, however, I will never forget about the different stages of sleep. The first stage is when you're fading in and out and producing theta waves, the second is when sleep spindles occur and our brain activity decelerates immensely, then stage three and four is where we get our best sleep. Lastly, REM sleep occurs periodically and this is essential to getting a good night of sleep. I will always remember that alcohol makes us feel less rested the next day so I never misuse alcohol when I'm simply trying to sleep. It doesn't help. Overall, the psychology of sleep is something I will never forget because sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy existence.

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