Two-Factory Theory

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The concept from psychology that I will remember five years from now I think is the two-factor theory. I still find myself thinking about it and realizing its existence in my every day life, from watching TV/movies to things characters do in books. I almost feel like a person who is aware of this theory could use it to their advantage. Say they really like someone but the feelings aren't necessarily mutual. They could take them on a roller coaster, to see a scary movie, skydiving or bungee jumping, anything to get the person to associate their feelings of arousal to them. Just getting the person to hang out with them once and experience the two-factor theory could create an attraction that might not actually be real. Besides using the two-factor theory as a tool of manipulation, it could also be used as a way to keep things exciting in a relationship where things have become "routine" and "boring." It would be a way for couples to strengthen their connection and enhance their relationship.
After learning about this theory, I realized just how prevalent in every day life it really was. After taking the test where one of the questions asked about it and had watching a scary movie as an answer for being a way to utilize the theory, I realized that it didn't have to be an activity as grand as bungee jumping or flying in a helicopter, any activity that caused arousal would do. So fellow classmates remember, if you feel attracted to someone after watching a scary movie, and you didn't feel it say before during dinner, you might not be attracted to your date, it might just be the movie you watched causing your feelings of attraction.



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I never though of the two-factor theory as a way in which i could attempt to manipulate someone into having different feelings than they originally thought, but it makes me wonder if there are some people that do use this as a technique. Or even more so I wonder how many other things we have learned in psychology we could use to our advantage? The two-factor theory to me is very interesting because before learning about it I never would have thought that seeing a scary movie with someone would change their emotions, or that outside factors such as adrenaline really played that much of a role in how you felt. It is still something interesting to think about, and I will remember it after knowing this new application of it.

I agree with the two-factor theory being successful in strengthening ones attraction to another person, but I also wonder if it works as well on other aspects. For example, I remember certain vacations as more fun after I did certain high-risk things such as parasailing or ziplining. It is amazing how one activity can change your entire aspect on the trip, but it makes sense in the same way that this theory can make you feel about a person.

When I read that this was actually a psychological theory, I was quite surprised because I have definitely experienced this before, as everyone else. I didn't realize there was an explanation for the closeness I felt to another person, after going through an exhilarating experience with them. A very distinct memory comes to mind: I was terrified of riding the Wild Thing at ValleyFair, and I rode it the first time with a stranger. Well, he was one of my good friend's friends that tagged along that day. Meeting him, I didn't think he was very cute, but I changed my mind towards the end of the day, especially after he rode the Wild Thing with me for the first time. It seems like a silly memory, but I won't forget it! And now, thanks to psychology, I know why.

not know about this? It honestly really is a great way to create exciting relationships and like you mentioned, bring some life back into a long relationship that took a turn for dulls-ville. And now watching movies, shows, etc. I totally see this taking place! And it's almost a debbie downer because for something that is romantically happening but then I think to myself, "oh they are only feeling attracted to each other because they just did something exciting on the high arousal scale!" I won't be forgetting the two factory theory anytime soon.

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