We cannot always deny, dismiss, or distort

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If I had to count the number of concepts we have learned this semester in our introduction psych class, it would take to long. And to define each of these concepts?? Makes me realize how much studying needs to be done before our final exam. But the concept that is the easiest for me to remember and I believe I will remember in five years is the concept of confirmation bias and the idea that we believe what we have always wanted to believe. But this concept sticks out to me not with its name specifically but its definition. Our textbook defines confirmation bias (for those who don't remember) as "the tendency to seek out evidence that supports our hypotheses and deny, dismiss, or distort evidence that contracts them." This sticks out to me merely because it does directly apply with life and when people tell us things and we need to decide what it means and what to make from it. Here we learned that we need to be careful about changing what is told to us to fit what we want them to have told us. This I believe i will remember in five years.


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I agree that the confirmation bias is very intriguing and applies well to daily life. I think that this, the confirmation bias, and many other logical fallacies, have to do with how much confidence we put in ourselves and the typical part of human nature making us hate being wrong. No one likes to realize that what they have taught themselves to be true is incorrect. I agree with you that this is somethings that sticks, just because of how well everyone can relate to it, whether it is that annoying person who wont admit they were wrong, or that stubborn voice in your own head that doesn't want to be wrong.

I agree with you completely. Confirmation bias is a good thing to be aware of. Not only from an academic standpoint, but as a young professional as well. It seems like common sense, but I think it is very valuable to have an employee who understands what they are told to do, or who understands the "company's view", because as employees we can be much more productive and effective when considering issues, tasks, or whatever really, without bias.

I think confirmation bias is an intrusive logical fallacy. Confirmation bias lets us believe we are right, even when we are not, because we are seeking out information to prove ourselves right and as is stated in the bible (literary note, not religious reference), "seek and you will find..." This is dangerous because it can lead us to be trapped in a destructive cycle and never find enlightenment. I have had confirmation bias, and I have been on the receiving end of it. It isn't fun. It blinds us from the truth, which is one of the most important things we have.

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