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One of the topics we studied in Psych 1001 that I find most interesting is dreams and their interpretations. For example, last night I had a dream that 100 kittens showed up in my house somehow. I woke up thinking, where did that come from? It is interesting to think about what your dreams mean and if your mind is trying to uncover something deeper. The best is when the most random people you haven't thought about in ages also make a guest appearance. I wish there was some way we could record dreams and watch them on a television screen the next morning.
This is why I think movies about dreams, like Inception, are so successful. There is a whole other world in dreaming and it makes for an interesting story. Not as cinematically acclaimed, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is also about a boy's made up dream world where people in his life make appearances as heroes and villains. Kids enjoy that movie because again, the setting can be so unlike the real world. People can spend hours talking about the strange dreams they've had and different meanings they have heard of common dreams. I feel bad for people who don't dream because they are missing out on such a unique experience that originates from your memory yet you can't control it. Unconsciousness and dreams is such an interesting topic that I will always think about and remember from this course.


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I definitely agree with you. Dreams are very interesting, and confusing. I like your idea of being able to watch dreams later; I would love to be able to watch my dreams over again and then actually have a chance to remember or try and understand why I had such a crazy dream.

Dreams are so unique and that's why I find them so fascinating. I usually always have very vivid dreams and when I wake up in the morning I tell myself I have to remember them, but I only remember the main parts or who was in it. I would love to be able to replay the entire dream on a projector screen so I can watch and see what happens. As for movies/tv shows about dreams, I really enjoy them, especially Inception because sometimes I feel as though I'm awake in a dream.

I think hidden meanings behind dreams are fascinating yet I have some of the most random dreams that I really don't think there are any explanations for! The thing I find interesting about movies such as the two you talked about is that it seems the dreams pick up right where they left off of the night before ( I've only seen Inception once and the second movie I haven't seen at all so I could be wrong.) There are some dreams I have that I wish would continue the next time I fall asleep because I want to know what direction they're going in! Dreams and their hidden meanings are definitely interesting topics!

It is a very interesting topic to me as well. I have been wondering if dreams are links between the world outside and the world within each individual so that psychologists are able to take the advantage of these invisible links into patients inside world and help them find themselves and treat them.I think researches on dreams could be an emerging field to study in the near future as the research techniques nowadays have become digital and much more sophisticated than ever.

As I have seen Sharkboy and Lava Girl ages ago, if even ever the whole movie and I have never seen inception, this leads me to want to watch these movies after finals are over. Dreams show so many strange connections with things in life, or at least mine do. I also wish I could remember every dream I had and could watch them again in the morning. But as the song from Cinderella says, "A dream is a wish your heart makes". THis also makes me wonder if it is true. There are so many websites about lucid dreaming and interpretation of dreams, but how do we research this and solve this meaning. I would be very interested to hear what Freud would think about dreams because his explanation would be very intriguing, similar to his other theories. But the question does remain as to what our dreams mean, are they wishes or are they truly have no explanation.

Dreams is always a very interesting subject. Inception is such a popular movie, I think, because it does go into such great depth about a person's dreams. It brings up key points about dreaming and how, many times, dreams feel so real. I know that I have woken up several times with such relief because the certain events in my dream were not real and in fact had not come true. I wait in great anticipation for future findings in science and psychology with concern to dreams and the subconscious.

If anyone is interested in the subject of dreams and consciousness, I would first off like to start off by saying I would strongly recommend watching the movie, Waking Life! All the parts can be found on YouTube. Second of all, I think it's fascinating how dreams can affect us, and I think it's fascinating figuring out why they affect us. As a kid, I knew that movies were not real life, I knew television was not real life. But for some reason, I always mixed up my dreams with real life. Why is this? I think that most likely dreams are just us processing information, and generally do not mean anything significant (i.e. predicting the future), and I especially do not believe in Freud's interpretations of dreams and repressed sexuality. However, they are a good thing to look back on, and maybe think about some of the things that manifest in dreams if they are relatable to your life.

Out of curiosity, I checked out a dream interpretation book from a local library. It's fascinating the type of explanations people come up with to explain why something happens in your dreams. Thankfully, Psychology 1001 has enlightened me that there are no dream interpretations agreed upon by psychologists. People are quite imaginative, and even though I don't recall my dreams very often-when I do, they make for a great story!

I totally agree. Everyone in the whole world dreams. Whenever I think about interpreting dreams I think about the episode of Spongebob where he hops from dream to dream in his friends' minds. They of course get mad at him when they realize what he is up to. That episode really makes me think about the privacy of dreams. Are they really the inner most part of our mind? What are they trying to tell us? We may never know where dreams come from, but for now they are sure interesting to analyze.

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