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The Big 5

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Five years from now I think the concept I will remember the most is the Big 5 personality characteristics. These 5 traits I think can describe everyone so well that it is important to know what type everyone is. When you know what type of personality a person is it is much easier to deal with the person. Whether you are going to sell them a car, serve them food, or treat someone for some sort of illness they may have a lot less conflict will arise and an easier sale, job, or diagnosis it will be. Not to mention how much happier your client will be when you cater for their personality. Therefore, becoming a pro at the Big 5 will help me the most in my career path, no matter which one I pick. five_facets.gif

The SAT is the most used college acceptance test in the United States. Colleges use the test to test the student's ability to abstract think. Colleges are relying on Binet and Simon's theory that intelligence results from the ability to abstract think, adapt, and acquire knowledge from experiences. However, society did not believe these were the only forms of intelligence. In order to still be the most used college acceptance test the SAT added subject tests, but did not change much on their actual main comprehensive SAT test. Since the SAT does not test multiple intelligence is the SAT still useful and fair? According to the SAT this is their response to the question.
The SAT controversy is still in negotiation, but it is still used nationally.

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