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Pseudoscience is a concept in Chapter 1 that I found interesting and relates to everyday life. Defined as a set of claims that seem scientific but aren't, pseudoscience is present in our everyday life from news stories, commercials, and advertisements. I think anyone can feel the pressure from the bombardment of promised claims and stories of amazing accomplishments using certain anecdotes. It is so important for anyone connected to social media to be aware of these false claims. I occasionally have considered picking up the phone after hearing promised claims from companies such as Proactive, Magic Bullet, or Peak Pilates. The products or service seem so effective and amazing, yet we all know that they are most likely "too good to be true."
cartoon.pngThe media has a huge role in spreading the effects of pseudoscience, whether positive or negative claims. Hypnosis is a process which has always interested me, claiming to help patients quit smoking or lose weight. Whether ads for real life treatments or what we see in movies and TV shows, this causes people to truly belief in its benefits even though there has been little evidence to show its effectiveness. With a decrease in pseudoscience, I hope that people would try to improve their lives in more natural ways and compare themselves less to others. Each person holds the key to their own happiness and no magic treatment or remedy is going to solve people's problems.

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