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Such a common controversial topic in the media is how advertisement and the entertainment industry is affecting body image. Whether bikini ads in magazines or the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, young women and surrounded by what is seen as a "perfect body." What is most upsetting is that a lot of media is edited by programs such as photoshop that distorts what the model truely looks like. Girls strive to meet this ideal image, which is fake in the first place.

Below I included a video that shows the "evolution of beauty" which takes place when an ad is being created for a billboard or magazine. The effects of photoshop, makeup, and a professional beauty team shows why normal girls don't feel comfortable in their own skins when they see this constantly.

I thought of this issue when I read about the Halo Effect in chapter 2. The Halo Effect can be described as when people perceive those with one highly attractive trait with possessing many other desirable attributes. Normal people do this quite often with celebrities, assuming those who are attractive are also successful, kind, and fun. This isn't always the case but people flock to those who are physically attractive and strive towards the ideal image.

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