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Chapter 7 ~ Memory

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How many of you have to make notes for yourself in order to remember things? As I was flipping though the chapters I found myself drawn to this chapter. I used to have a really good memory, but now I seem to forget everything. I am constantly making notes for myself. As I was skimming the chapter I found a page about smart pills. This intrigued me because my mom has recently told me maybe I should try some kind of supplement to help boost my memory. I wonder if smart pills really do work?

I have never given much thought to how memory works for instance I didn't know about chunking. Chunking has to do with the fact that our short-term memory capacity is only about 9 digits. In order to cope with this our mind organizes material into meaningful groups. I find that this is fascinating and very useful for studying in school. Maybe I can find some good tips to help me improve my memory. It would be nice to not feel like the guy in the comic below anymore!

Danelle Hinde

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