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Website without Moxie

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For a product that I love I really do not like their website. My husband and I found this store while visiting family in WI and we fell in love with the loose leaf tea they offer. The website for Fava Tea Company, however, I think should be redone to make it easier for customers to navigate. There is nothing on the website that I really love other then the peaceful and relaxing picture on the top of the webpage. I think there are some ok areas, like the loose leaf tea selection, and the what's new tab seems to be updated regularly. Otherwise they have empty tabs and places where it just tells you to call them or visit a store. I understand why that is. However, in my opinion If you will not be offering certain products on your website that you have in your store then do not make a place for it on your website. They also do not allow you to use gift cards on their website for purchases. So much for getting the mug that my husband wanted for Christmas (as he was given a gift card to purchase it with). I think the hardest part is that I do love the teas they offer, but it is hard for me to recommend the website to friends and family when I find it frustrating to navigate. What do you guys think?

Their tea may have moxie, but their website does not.


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