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While pondering the topics covered in the Psyc course book, I was intrigued by Chapter 11, "Emotion and Motivation." I started to think, "what moves me?" "why do I make the decisions that I do?" and even "do I have control over my emotions, or does my brain act dependently of what I wish I could feel?" Such questions seem overwhelming, so as I flipped through the pages of Chapter 11, I found out that there is no one theory that can explain the mystery of emotions and the brain, yet through scientific study, one can see correlations between how events in one's life trigger certain emotions even though they're not the same for every person. Moreover, there is a reason they're not the same because everyone's past experiences help to determine feelings about current endeavors.
Nonverbal expression was a topic discussed in Chapter 11 that I found very interesting. One can tell a great deal about a person simply through posture, personal space, and other factors of body language. Reflecting on my own life, is what I'm doing when I'm not speaking a reflection of how I want others to see me? Sounds deep- yes, but that is a very good question that can greatly affect how others view a person and how that person views them self.
Overall, this chapter reveals how emotions come about in people and also what causes motivation in individuals. Self esteem, body image, sexual motivation, and attraction are a few of the key topics discussed that will allow us as student to delve deeper into our own psyche.


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