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The Final Push

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With finals around the corner, working out problems for classes is becoming something that students are dealing with on a daily basis to stay ahead. While this may be the case getting stuck on that "one" problem is a common occurrence that I am sure we have all experienced. I recently had one of these moments where I was working on a physics problem and no matter what I tried or read in the book I just could not figure out the problem. So instead of giving up and quitting, I took a "step back", relaxed, had a drink of water and attacked the problem once again. This time I focused my energy not on the problem but the bigger picture and by taking that "step back" I was able to focus on what really was important in the problem and complete the problem with ease. Looking back at this experience it seems to me that when I take a "step back", relax for a minute, or drink some water I am able to (almost all the time) solve the problem. By doing one of these activities I am able interrupt my focus on the unnecessary information that my brain is processing and re-focus on the other parts of the problem that I had been missing. While this approach may not work for everyone, I suggest taking that "step back" and making the final push on the problems that you don't understand. In the end it may just help you to solve that problem and save your grade.

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