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Chapter 1 is essentially a helpful summary of the entire course. It starts off by describing what Psychology is and from there touches on many subjects that appear to be explained more in depth later in the textbook. The chapter peaked my interest when I came to the section entarot-card-1.jpgtitled "What is Pseudoscience?". My mother has always been a firm believer in ideas such as reincarnation, spiritual healing/ alternative medicine, and ESP. I, however, have never felt that there was much truth in her claims. I also believed that it was only my mother who so strongly supported these strange notions. Therefore, I was intrigued when I read the statistic that 41 percent of U.S citizens actually believe in ESP. I was also greatly alarmed when I read about how dangerous believing in pseudoscience can be, since I always viewed my mother's preoccupation as nothing more than quirky. I was also surprised by what a logical explanation the book offered for why people are so quick to believe in the fallacies of pseudoscience. I can definitely agree that our brains are wired to make order of all the crazy things that happen in our lives, even if some of them just do not have any explanation.

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