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When skimming through our textbook, chapter fifteen caught my attention. It is titled "Psychological Disorders" and includes descriptions of different mental disorders. It also includes different misconceptions people are prone to believing when it comes to different psychiatric classifications. One thing that I found interesting was one of the side notes in this chapter described how when a clinical psychologist was presented with a patient who was cutting himself/herself she would perceive it as pathological when in fact, some cultures practices include cutting oneself to produce tribal scars, and this is considered to be normal. Another interesting part was the examples in the text of celebrities with psychiatric diagnoses. Although the example in this book, of golfer Tiger Woods and actor David Duchovny who were both treated for "sexual addiction", is not an official psychiatric diagnosis, i still find it interesting how unnoticeable some conditions may be. Lastly, the section on mental illnesses and violence caught my attention. Many people believe that if you are diagnosed with a mental illness you are more likely to act violently. One topic that is very debatable is if a person who committed a crime should be acquitted if they were diagnosed with insanity.

Actress Catherine Zeta Jones is an example of a celebrity diagnosed with a mental illness, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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