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Midtown Market

Energy: Energy is an exchange…because it cannot be created or destroyed, it moves from one subject to another in an endless cycle. There are several different “types? of energy. It can be described as something that causes work of any kind (moving a ball, running, a car engine, electricity). It is also known to be exchanged between people and living things. (Talking, fighting, feeling, connecting, etc.) Existing naturally in the environment, it can be in perfect balance or thrown off as it comes and goes through infinite exchanges.

Observations and Reactions:
The environment is noisy, not just in the respect of loud (people moving place to place and traffic), but also in small seemingly insignificant ways… a woman’s heels bustle along the sidewalk, a man drops his keys, the opening and closing of doors, and even in a busy city, the sounds of nature that always seem to be there, but overlooked. What intrigued me about this is that all these different types of noise that are unconnected in nature, are blended in with the environment so much that we have adapted to them. We are unaware of the sound that surrounds even the most quiet of places. We live in a loud world. Our actions have fueled the environment full of sound, which has created new energy in return.

The main thing I noticed visually about midtown are its people. Their subtle interactions, the culturally distant space they keep from one another, avoidance of eye contact, or insincere smiles. The clothes were amazing, some of them average Joe, while others wildly ridiculous, and some just unique… a silent statement of who they are. All these actions or reactions are fueled by the creation and exchange of energy, eye contact being a huge one.

The use of energy in this place is everywhere and entails much of what I explained above. Obviously all physical activity takes some amount of energy, walking, purchasing, talking, etc. Also, there is the underlying mental and emotional enery being exchanged, thoughts (spoken and unspoken), expressions, curiosity, etc. Lastly there are the actions of all things created and natural exchanging this constant flow of the enviornment. All of these things are a part of a busy city enviornment and make up what midtown really is.