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Although this is arguable, I would say a human being fits the deffinition of phenomena.
A person is a thing, because they are located in space, they are of unique size and shape, and they are related and comparable to other things.
Because of our unique structure and place in the universe, we are also frameworks. Things in our bodies are invaraible and they are able to be calculated (ex. our blood pressure). Structures within as well as out of us are able to be calulated mathematically... in other words our body is a full working structure.
We our clockworks as well. Our body is constantly interacting with cells, muscles, and chemicals with in, as a unique system to keep us stable and living. We are complex structures that are constantly changing to stay the same, constantly working in a cyclic way to keep balance with in us as well as between us and the universe. (We breath oxygen produced by trees and the trees inturn breath CO2). All though people and trees are different structures, we rely on one another and because of this, we interact in the universe. (Much like yin and yang).
Lastly, we are phenomena because we consist of things, frameworks, and clockworks. Although not everyhting is explained about the origin of our existance, we have a sense of how we come to be in this world, and how our bodies grow and change. We are a system that works and changes slowly through time and our enviornment. We are niether good nor bad, we are explainable in some senses and completely mysterious and wonderous in others. We change and mold ourselves through time, as many living creatures and phenomena do on earth. We can create chaos and bring things to unity. We have hierarchies in which we live (such as the government as one example). Most importlanty, we are a work of art either by science or by God or by both, and we strive to understand the world around us, for we are complex beings with in it.