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The dual perspective...


glass sculpture.bmp


The above images are examples of the bridge of connection between math and design. The painting that is in a style reffered to as "cubism" is one idea of multiple dimensions. The glass sculpture is reffering more to how math complements design in the sence of balance. It also is an example of complimentary design, the sculpture is designed so that it has 4 equal parts. This concept is used in math repetitivly, especially in the design of objects which need balance, such as buildings, bridges, etc. I also have included a computer illustrated design of a cube which could also be seen more abstractly as a puzzle. It intrigued me because math is heavily used in computer imagery and is relativly used in the creation and decreation of puzzles. I believe the link here, is that we use math so interchangeably in design that it often goes unnoticed. We create things in art that are parallel to things created in math. Architecture incorporates this idea constantly because the buildings created are mathmatically structured, but also stand as works of art, expression, and symbols. It seems in this context, that one cannot exist without the other.