Nature vs. Nurture

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I recently read an article about two 35 year old women that discovered they were "identical strangers" or in other words, twins separated at birth. Both women were adopted when they were new borns, but neither of the adoptive families knew there was a twin. The adoptive parents were told their new adopted baby was apart of a study but was neglected to be given any detail about what type of study. Once grown and curious, one of the women went in search of her real mother, but when calling the adoption agency for detail, discovered an identical twin sister instead. She was able to get enough information to find this twin sister. When the two met at 35 years old, after growing up on opposite sides of the country with no contact, discovered they were "identical strangers." They had everything in common that you could possibly imagine. This deals with the nature vs. nurture concept because it manages to prove that no matter how you are raised, nature has a huge part in how you live. These two women didn't even know eachother existed but yet were almost a replica of eachother. The way these two were "nurtured" or raised could have been similar but not similar enough to make them have identical personalities. This story really involves the concept of how nature or genetics has a huge part in your life. This story was very interesting to me but yet very sad. These two women missed out on 35 years of their life together due to a psychologist wanting to be able to observe his two variables from a distance in the quiet. I'm just glad they were reunited.

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