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Group Think or Group Stink?


An education in Computer Science provides many opportunities to work on small projects. Many projects could be done by a single person. So why do our instructor's insist working in groups? Won't I learn more if I do everything myself? No, you won't. Working in groups is one skill that should be at the base of every programmer's repertoire. The more you can experience it now will help you down the road.

That being said working in groups has challenges and benefits. One challenge is being able to communicate effectively. Some issues that arise might have many working pieces that are difficult to express in writing alone. Sometimes a snippet of code can be included with a description of the symptom you notice and directions to where you suspect the issue is.

Another challenge is melding their code with yours. You have to read someone else's code and they might have a different style than yourself. This can be difficult at first but here is where you can learn a thing or two by their example. On the other hand you may be able to show them an other way to do the same thing. In most projects you will utilize code from other programmers. Whether it be from a colleague or an open source project, you will need to know how to incorporate their code. This will save you loads of time since their code is most likely tested and bug free, well we hope so anyway.

A benefit of working in a group is having someone using and testing your code on another system. Another person might test different code paths or try something a slightly different way to reveal a bug. Often when coding and testing we can get a narrow view of what our code should do. A fresh perspective doesn't have this disadvantage and can bring fresh ideas.

As with most life experiences the challenge becomes the reward after you are through it. Working with others can be a bit of work at times but mostly it is enjoyable to share the struggles of development. Now is the time to make connections with your peers. You never know who you'll be working with in the future.

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