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energy, flow, transformation

In order to investigate and eventually document the idea of energy, flow, and transformation through the city, I began walking through it, observing my surroundings. I noticed activity or all sorts - people flooding from arenas, officers and lights controlling the stream of cars, and unlimited pedestrians entering and exiting buildings. There was an apparent energy and liveliness to the streets; a certain commotion from one place to the next. However, as one observes the same places at a different time, the streets, the buildings, the people - the surroundings transform. The progression of day and night (as Goldsworthy found with the changing seasons) changes the city. A scarcity of walkers line the sidewalks and vehicles are less numerous. Lights of all sorts - in buildings, on cars, on sidewalks, lining bridges - all appear through this darkness and change the appearance of everything. Memorials and award monuments emerge most striking in the darkness, a tremendous change from that of day (see photo). Buildings allow light to escape through their windows to indicate a lessened state of activity until the light of day reemerges and the city is once again flowing with activity and motion, transforming it back to the state first observed.

energy, flow, transformation.jpg