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minnesota nice (weather)?

Minnesota Nice: the stereotypical behavior of Minnesota residents to provide hospitality and courtesy to others.* Exactly what one would expect at a Minnesota Twins game, when visiting the University of Minnesota for a Golden Gopher football game. But where does it end? Is it limited to the citizens of the great state or does it and should it extend to its design?

The great stadium debate(s) in Minnesota have gone on for a long while, yet they have not gone very nicely.

The first Twins Stadium proposal was presented over a decade ago in 1995. Since then, fourteen other Major League ballparks have been built.+ So, after careful consideration and lengthy, lengthy, lengthy discussion Minnesota Nice has finally served us well.


Consider Minnesota Nice: also sometimes used in a derogatory way, to connote a sort of smiling stubbornness.* A stubborness that perhaps may have crept into staidum plans? The new building looks amazing and will likely be very popular, however one feature that may be missing that even the Metrodome - yes, the Metrodome - currently displays, is a ROOF. Anyone and everyone in Minnesota knows, comprehends, grasps, experiences, appreciates, hates, recognizes, and realizes that weather in Minnesota is not so nice. So why, under circumstances in which tax payers will account for 74%+, should they be forced to sit outside. Someone forgot to mention that an open-air stadium in Minnesota will be, for atleast part of the season, an open-30 degree-air stadium.

Consider, in the beginning, when the original plans were presented, the stadium included a retractable roof - yes, one that would allow both enjoyment of beautiful weather and shelter from inclement weather - at a price of $350 million. Today, the stadium has lost its roof with a new price tag of $522 million.+

Social-design issues occur when society is not being catered to. Larger issues arise when they're paying for it - literally. As beautiful as a new stadium appears - notice in sunny conditions - planning and design must be carried out in a matter suitable to it's society, its region, and its not so nice weather.


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