Analysis: CAR

By Justin Reis

For this analysis, I researched for computer assisted reporting. This is a technique commonly used today and is used here.

The link in the story brings the reader to a page about fracking wells, which are blamed for polluted water due to the extraction of natural gas and is a growing problem in 28 states, according to the site. Here one will find a step-by-step guide to a clear definition and picture about fracking and how it occurs.

Also, the report includes a picture talking about horizontal drilling practices and its effects on water pollution. Additionally, an interactive map of the U.S. outlining "States where hydraulic fracturing is done, and total wells per state".

This information is clear to read ann navigate through. Also, this form of reporting make the story more informational and interesting in that the reader can see how the issue effects them.

CAR lets the reader go beyond the written story.

Emmer makes a withdrwal of ballot challenges

By Justin Reis

Rep. Tom Emmer is urging his attorneys to withdraw thousands of ballots his supporters have challenged during the recount of the governor's race, according to the Star Tribune..

Emmer said he is not going to prolong the recount for weeks or months. He is however, planning arguments if opponent Mark Dayton is declared the winner.

Reconciliation, which means to match the number of votes to the number of voters and remove any excess votes, and may be used against Dayton in court.

According to the Star Tribune, state GOP chair Tony Sutton suggested last week that reconciliation could be the foundation of a court challenge if Dayton prevails in the recount.

By Justin Reis

A state trooper began a chase after a driver early Sunday when the suspect's car crashed into two other vehicles, killing a mother and her two children, according to the Star Tribune..

Amanda Jean Thomas, 29, of Fridley, along with her two young sons, were killed in the chase, police said. The boys were Andre, 12, and Averon, 3 months.

Rufus Onel Victor, 29, tried to flee the scene by foot and was then arrested and taken to the Hennepin County jail. Police said he had minor injuries.

Victor was chemically impaired at the time of the crash and was driving a stolen vehicle, police said.

Thomas and her children were leaving a Hanukkah celebration prior to the accident. The Star Tribune reported, Amanda Thomas was "a happy, outgoing, family-oriented woman who was devoted to her children," said longtime family friend

Will Farve be out for the season?

By Justin Reis

Vikings quarterback Brett Farve said he sprained his SC joint Sunday and is not sure if he will be able to play against the New York Giants next week, according the the Pioneer Press.

Farve was hurt when he threw his first pass in the first quarter. He did not return to the Vikings victory over the Buffalo Bills at the Metrodome, Sunday.

The Pioneer Press reported, "I'd like to see it through," Favre said when referring to his last season with the Vikings. He hopes he can come back and finish the season.

Farve said the X-rays were negative and has a scheduled MRI on Monday.

Leslie Frazier, interim coach for the Vikings, said Farve will continue to be the starting quarterback is he is healthy enough.

By Justin Reis

Police search for the bodies of two young children in Mobile, Alabama believed to have been killed by their father and stepmother, police said.

According to CNN, Jonathan DeBlase, 3, and his sister Natalie, 4, went missing in late June. Authorities began investigating the missing persons report on November 19, Officer Christopher Levy said, spokesman for Mobile police.

John Joseph DeBlase, 27, is the father of the children and was arrested Friday. He faces two counts of aggravated child abuse and two counts of abuse of a corpse, Mobile police said.

Stepmother Heather Keaton was arrested and faces two counts of willful abuse and neglect of a child, police said. Keaton filed a restraining order against DeBlase, police said.

The couple was living in Louisville, Kentucky when they eventually separated, CNN reported.

"Detectives have determined that both John DeBlase and Heather Keaton are responsible" for the children's deaths, the Mobile police said in a statement. "Police will continue to search for the children."

Iran opens up about locally mined uranium

By Justin Reis

Iran is locally mining uranium for the first time, in an act to fight against the west, according to the Guardian.

Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said it had used domestically produced uranium at its conversion plant in Isfahan. The UN does not ban the production of uranium in Iran, however they are working stop their production of yellowcake, which is refined ore.

The Guardian said Iran's ore deposits are low and limiting the amount of yellowcake the country is able to produce.

The timing of the release of the information is thought to not be accidental, as Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, is scheduled to meet with diplomats in Geneva Monday to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The yellowcake was mined from the Gchine mine near the Persian Gulf. According to the Atomic Energy Agency, they said the mine has "low to medium grade uranium ore".

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Online poll started by Twin Cities couple begins frenzy

By Justin Reis

A Twin Cities couple started an online poll on asking whether the woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, should have an abortion, Thursday.

"Birth or not" owners said, "Give people a chance to voice their opinions in a real situation", according to the Star Tribune.

Alisha Arnold, 30, of Apple Valley and her husband, Peter Arnold, started the website because of their frustration with their recent three miscarriages. The Star Tribune said they weren't sure they were ready to have a baby.

They received hateful e-mails saying, "we were idiots and don't deserve to be parents and were irresponsible," Arnold said.

Driver charged with UW student death

By Justin Reis

A Menomonie man was charged with three felonies after being the suspected killer of a college student while driving drunk, according to the Pioneer Press.

Isaac W. Storandt, 24, was charged Friday in Dunn County. Charges included two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in the March death of Michael J. Dixon, 24, a University of Wisconsin-Stout student.

Police officers were called to an accident at early March 12. Dixon had been struck while crossing a street north of campus.

Storandt admitted to being the driver of the car that hit him, according to the Pioneer Press.

Dixon died from respiratory failure.