Analysis: 'I'm under attack,' Georgia bishop accused of sexual misconduct tells church

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By Justin Reis

Story by The Washington Post

It appears there are several sources used: Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Rev. Graylan Hagler, and Bishop Harry Jackson.

They are sourced in clusters, not scattered throughout the story. The information from these people provides verification and hard, factual evidence of who Long is as a person, what he is up against with the lawsuits, and these sources also tell the reader more about the life Long lives as a megachurch bishop.

Grassley talks about other run-ins he encountered in the Bishop's past when he previously investigated Long for his flashy lifestyle and possible tax fraud. These records provide further background of Eddie Long.

Attribution is most often at the end of sentences, rarely at the beginning. Also, the name of the source is consistently followed with the verb: said. This is effective and keeps the story clean and even flowing.

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Good. I like that you are noticing these techniques in the stories. I know it seems like busy work, but it helps you to see what I'm asking you to do.

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