Analysis: Missing man's van found in downtown Chicago

by Justin Reis

The lead in the Star Tribune report provides clear indication of what to look for to identify the missing man. However, I feel it may be a bit too brief, not getting to the who, what, when, and where until much later in the article.

News elements in the lead are: The man is missing, he was talking to his wife, and he called her saying he was kidnapped. These all outline the "what". The "who" is clear, as well as the when and where. The downward pyramid is used in displaying the information.

The lead is straightforward due to the facts outlining what he may be found driving. The facts that are missing from this are his physical attributes: hair color, build, "was last seen wearing"... This all is identified later in the story.

I believe the reporter chose this approach due to the importance and relevance of what the man is seen driving due to the national missing alert, alerting the public of the license, make and color of the vehicle.

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