Chilean trapped miners expected to see sunlight

By Justin Reis

After 50 days of being trapped 2,300 ft underground in Copiapo, Chile, the 33 miners are expected to be rescued by a 924-pound cage.

The "Phoenix Capsule" arrived on Saturday at the San Jose gold and copper mine where family members of the miners saw it for the first time. The unveiling was presented by Chilean Mining Minister Laurence Goldborne and Health Minister Jamie Manalich, in a report by CNN.

The cage stands 10 feet tall, inside is six feet, four inches and 21 inches across. The cage is big enough to hold one person and should take about 15 minutes to bring each person to the top.

In a report by The Guardian, on August 5 the miners were told they would be trapped until Christmas, when the incident occurred.

The capsule is outfitted with an oxygen supply, communications equipment and retractable wheels to travel up the rescue shaft in case anything goes wrong, CNN reported.

If the miner in the cage needs to evacuate the capsule during the rescue, he can escape through the bottom and will then be lowered with a cable, Goldborne said in a report by The Gaurdian.

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