Minneapolis Man Dies After Being Tased

by Justin Reis

A man died after being Tased at the downtown Minneaopilis YMCA. Family and friends say he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which added to his confrontational behavior.

David Cornelius Smith, 28, of Brooklyn Park refused to leave the fitness center on Sept. 9 and police were called. Police said Smith was causing a disturbance at the time of close and was uncooperative, the Star Tribune reported.

He was Tased and handcuffed, then police noticed there was a medical emergency, then rushed to him to Hennepin County Medical Center. The Star Tribune went on to report Smith went into cardic arrest and spent eight days in a coma.

Smith's uncle said he was "declared brain dead and life support had to be disconnected," reported by Kare11.

Smith's family is speaking out on the dangers of police use of Tasers.

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