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The kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart is set to stand trial

By Justin Reis

After more than eight years from the disappearance of Elizabeth Smart, the alleged kidnapper in set to stand trial in federal court, according to CNN.

Brian David Mitchell, 57, is suspected of threatening then 14 year-old Smart at knifepoint in June of 2002 from her family's home in Salt Lake City, UT.

Mitchell is accused of kidnapping and transporting a minor across state lines for improper purposes. The trial's jury selection is set to begin on Monday.

Mitchell had done some maintenance in the Smart's home.

In March 2003, Smart was found walking down a street in Sandy, UT with Mitchell and his wife Wanda Eileen Barzee.

CNN reported that Utah prosecutors charged Mitchell with six felony charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary, however were later indicted.

In November 2009, Barzee was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for the unlawful transportation a minor and kidnapping. She was sentenced an additional 15 years in federal prison for the plot to also kidnap Smart's cousin.

Cross off the Crosstown Project

By Justin Reis

The Crosstown project cost $288 million and has officially come to a close as Minnesota's largest highway project.

Minneosota Department of Transportation said the project was completed on budget and will make traffic safer and easier, reported Kare11. The Crosstown project will also loosen up traffic on Minneapolis's side streets.

Carpool lanes will open in November.

Mn/DOT is hosting a celebration for business owners effected by the construction November 13.

Four went missing while in flight

By Justin Reis

Searchers found no trace of a Minneapolis father and his two sons after they went missing while in their single-engine plane.

They are believed to be located in the northwest Wyoming mountains. Their single-engine plane, The Mooney 20J, left the Jackson Wyoming airport October 25 and they disappeared from the radar an hour later, according to Kare11.

The pilot was Luke Bucklin, 40, and on board were his twins Nate and Nick, 14, and son Noah. The search is focused on nine square miles east of Gannett Peak.

The elevation of this area reaches over 13,800 feet.

CNN reported that a signal was detected Thursday, which was possible from the planes emergency locater.

The search operations chief said Sunday the Civil Air Patrol would evaluate the signal. Saturday night, teams searched the area, however due to blizzard like conditions they were not successful.

A friend of the family said they were visiting family and attended a wedding. Ginger Bucklin, the mother and wife, flew home separatley with their youngest child.

Man arrested in Denver airport bomb scare

By Justin Reis

DENVER, Colo.--A man was arrested by authorities after he said there was a bomb in his luggage, according to CNN.

CNN reported that the man was upset he missed a connecting flight from Denver, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, Utah. A United Airlines spokesman said the man was making inappropriate comments and was bring disruptive.

The plane was brought back to the gate and his luggage was recovered.

The man held up the filght by an hour.

Brazil welcomes new president, Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff became Brazil's first female president in the election with her rival José Serra.

Rousseff, won by 55.72 percent out of the 96 percent of the votes counted, according to the Guardian. The 62 year-old dominated the northeast as well as the Amazon.

Rousseff's plans to take Brazil's 20 million less fortunate citizens out of poverty and become the fifth strongest economy in the world by 2016. Additionally, she promises to fight against inequality and promote human rights, CNN reported.

In 1969 she joined Brazil's guerrilla movement and changes her name several times to hide from authorities. At one point, she was one of Brazil's most wanted fugitives.

Rousseff takes office in early January.

Analysis: Speeches

By Justin Reis

University of Minnesota statement in reference to visit by President Obama

"President Obama's visit will give our students and the entire university community a unique opportunity to see and hear a historic figure." This is the quoted theme of the release which can be found clicking the above page link.

Additionally, the release mentions the last sitting president to visit the U was William Taft in 1911.

Here the decisions Daniel Wolter from the University News Service kept the information brief and not mentioning anything about topics during the speech itself.

Hurricane Richard makes impact in Belize

By Justin Reis

Hurricane Richard made impact south of Belize City Sunday night.

At around 7:45 p.m. ET is when the the hurricane made landfall said CNN Meteorologist Jacqui Jeras. The storm gained momentum in the Caribbean moving its status to tropical storm to Category 1 hurricane with wind gusts reaching 90 mph.

The storm is expected to move to inland to Guatemala and southern Mexico, however, it is believed it will loose momentum, according to CNN.

On Sunday, the Belize National Emergency Management Organization said bussed are not running and cars are off the road. People living in southern Belize were urged to seek shelter immediately, said CNN.

The storm is expected to regain intensity when it reaches the Bay of Campeche and become a tropical depression.

Members of the hurricane center say this is not a matter that should involve the U.S.

Jordan woman died when getting the mail identified

Saturday afternoon a Jordan woman out getting her mail was struck and killed by a car near Hwy. 169 and 173rd St. has been identified, authorities said.

Joyce P. Chermak, 76, was the victim in the accident, the State Patrol said.

Chermak was walking from the mailbox when she was struck and later died at the scene, the Star Tribune reported.

The driver of the car, from New Prague, 41, was not injured. The accident is under investigation.

Packers beat Vikings: Did Farve blow it?

By Justin Reis

With about eight minutes left in the Sunday night game, Favre threw his second interception to Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop what became the team's winning touchdown.

January's NFC championship in New Orleans was a moment Vikings fans recalled when tonight's ugly performance was reenacted by Brett Farve, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Vikings dropped 2-4 and prepare for their game with New England next Sunday.

The Patriots are at 5-5 and look forward to their opponent's return.

Favre, who has thrown the most interceptions in NFL history (325), the Star Tribune reports the Vikings' head athletic trainer attributing tonight's interceptions to Favre's recent knee injury.

By Justin Reis

Westboro Baptist Church may be in Chicago soon as high school drama students prepare for their next production about the life of Matthew Sheppard who was murdered for being gay.

The church, which runs the website GodHatesFags.com, learned drama students are backed by their school in the production of "The Laramie Project", according to The Huffington Post.

"The Laramie Project" is a story about Shepard's life and death. The school seeks ""to emphasize tolerance and understanding," Carol Burlinsk the school principal said.

The school principal said the group has every right to protest the play due to the first amendment and says they are doing nothing different due to the church's visit.

War detainees handed over to Iraqi torture squad

Army logs published by WikiLeaks releases evidence that U.S. soldiers gave detainees to an Iraqi torture squad.

Threats by a U.S. military interrogator included an account when he turned his captive over to the Iraqi "Wolf Brigade", according to the Guardian.

The interrogator told the prisoner he would be subject to the pain and agony the Wolf battalion is known for, the Guardian said.

The Human Rights Watch called on the Iraqi government to prosecute those involve in the tortures and killings, CNN reported. Human Rights Watch also urged the U.S. to investigate if its forces broke international law by transferring detainees in the thousands into Iraqi hands.

Including the killings done by the Wolf Brigade, the civilian death tole has reached approximately 122,000 according to Iraqi Body Count, CNN reported.

Analysis: Multimedia

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Here I compared the websites of The Huffington Post and the Guardian.

One notable feature the two sites share in common is the use of photos within the stories. It appears The Huff includes more in each story.

I also see video playing a major role in The Huff with many stories either featuring a video within the story or a link routing the reading to a video.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are big players in each site as well.

These all compliment news stories because the photos, videos, and ability to talk to your friends about news adds an additional element of emotion and coverage to a story. The visual aid allow the reader to fill in any gaps in a news story and allow a more accurate picture of the event to be portrayed to the reader.

The writing styles of each are both similar in that they are both AP driven.

Chilean miners ask media for some space

By Justin Reis

COPIAPO, Chile--Rescied miners are happy to be alive and home and ask the media to keep their distance.

Together, the miners decided not to discuss the details of their 69 days underground. They do not want to lessen the importance of the book they are going to publish, according to the Pioneer Press.

Many of the miners returned to impoverished neighborhoods, gang violence, and many have doubts on it getting any better, reported the Star Tribune.

One-by-one, each miner became an international celebrity when rescued.

Many believe the media went overboard when covering the homecoming of Johnny Barrios with his lover and wife when he was greeted with television cameras.

Pedestrian killed in Oakdale

A man running across Hwy. 36 late Saturday was struck and killed by a vehicle at Century Avenue, the State Patrol officer said.

Anthony J. Mailloux, 19, of Oakdale was crossing the street around midnight when he was struck, according to the Star Tribune.

Dawn M. Oswald, 45, of Grant was the driver when she was traveling east on Hwy. 36 when she was moving through a green light and Mailloux ran infront of her vehicle.

Oswald said she didn't have time to stop for him, according to the Pioneer Press.

Millionaires Club Seeks New Young Leaders

By Justin Reis

The One Percent Club, a Minnesota run millionaire's club, is seeking out new young and tech-savvy partners.

The club is seeking these individuals to help honor and continue the legacy of those who took risks and crated change in Minnesota. They want to enlist younger leaders encourage members to volunteer with charities more.

The founders of the One Percent Club were inspired by research that showed the wealthiest Americans donated a smaller portion of their wealth than other countries, according to the Star Tribune.

Targeting the wealthy was a new concept that was kicked off by Bill Gates and Warren Burffet with the billionaire philanthropy project. The One Percent Club reaches out to the low-profile of the rich Minnesotans.

The search of younger leaders is believed to bring the group into a more prosperous future.

Facebook Privacy Violation

"Apps" from Facebook have been releasing personal information of its users to many advertizing and Internet tracking companies in a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Millions of Facebook users are affected, even those with seamless privacy settings. The problem is now companies are able to build databases to track users of the social networking site online.

A Facebook spokesperson said Sunday they are taking steps to limit the disclosure of its users' personal information, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The spokesperson also said they have taken action to stop all applications which violate their terms.

An error message was received by users Friday when attempting to access applications by LOLapps, Gift Creator, and Quiz Creator, and others.

The apps, according to FOX, are software that allow the 500 million users to share common interests together.

Secret U.S. Prison Operation in Afghanistan

By Justin Reis

A "secret jail" is allegedly being operated at the American military base as ex-detainees said they were deprived of sleep and held in cold isolation cells.

The U.S. military denies this ever happened, according to a report from BBC.
Inmates said they suffered from cold, little food, and not enough blankets. They said they also were stripped naked for medical purposes and not able to practice their faith.

Open Society Foundations, founded by billionaire George Soros, mentioned in a report accusations of mistreatment at the alleged secret jail, according to the Army Times.

If the accusations are true, they will ruin the detention reform pushed by President Barack Obama.

Detainees also said the Red Cross was banned from visiting them and the food they were provided was bad. The "Black Jail", as it was nicknamed, is said to be inside the Bagram base.

Spot and Follows Analysis

I have been following the caustic sludge story in Hungary since reservoirs first broke. I have been getting a lot of my information fro The New York Times and keeping tabs on the updates. Just reviewing the story from Friday to today is much different as what was discussed on Friday is now old news and summarized into key facts combined with new info. The news from Friday had a long explanation of the villages that were already effected and in-depth coverage on the reservoirs in the industrial area. Today, facts surrounding each of these points are included in the coverage, however, secondary to the hot topics. Today the topic is "when is the second wave of sludge going to pour into the towns and precautionary measures.

Today's story is advanced from Friday's coverage in that the points from Friday are much lower down in the story. The news is much higher up. I don't see a a response to a competing news organization, however, when I review similar stories on The Huffington Post's website theirs appear to compete with NYT's.

NYT makes a stronger attempt to break the news in this case.

Republicans favor strip club over Mosque near Ground Zero

By Justin Reis

In a recent Democratic survey, results show Republicans would rather see a strip club rather than the highly discussed mosque near Ground Zero.

Results show four percent of Republicans surveyed they would support a mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center towers site. 21 percent said they would favor a strip club, according to The Huffington Post.

49 percent of democrats are in support of the mosque and 33 percent are fine with a strip club.

While in debate of constructing a multicultural center, specially a mosque which caters to the Islamic faith, media has defined the ground to many lass moral institutions. The Huffington Post reported a strip club, The Pussycat Club" just two blocks from the site.

Catholics get cratfy with anti-gay DVD collection

By Justin Reis

An Archbishop's message in a new DVD collection expression marriage between "one man and one woman" stops with one church member.

Many church members do not agree with the politics of Archbishop John Nienstedt's latest set of materials sent to 400,000 Minnesota residents.

On the DVD, Nienstedt expresses his opinions of marriage and how it effects the Catholic institution.

Lucinda Naylor has 1300 copies of the DVD set and is working on an art project by creating a sculpture out of all the DVDs, according to the Pioneer Press.

"I've never worked with this medium before," Naylor said.

The sculpture will resemble a flame or water motif, the Pioneer press reported.

Motorcyclist clocked at 130 mph on I-94

By Justin Reis

The Wisconsin State Patrol clocked an Oakdale man at 130 mph Sunday before he lost control in grassy area near Menomonie, WI on I-94.

Kevin J. Berglund, 20, was traveling at 93 mph on his motorcycle, 38 mph over the speed limit. When fleeing a state patrol officer, his speed then increased to 130 mph.

Berglund is believed to be charged with a felony of fleeing a state patrol officer and reckless endangerment, the Star Tribune reported.

During the chase, the motorcyclist attempted to exit on Hwy. 25 but he did not make it when his bike lost control.

The officer on the scene said the motorcycle was not damaged. Berglund appears in the Dunn County court Monday, according to the Star Tribune.

Round Two of the Toxic Sludge

The second wave of the sludge in Devecser, Hungary is believed to occur and will be more toxic than the first which has already killed seven.

An industrial plant reservoir in the town looks to be near its breaking point. The second burst of sludge is said to be more concentrated and more deadly, reported The Huffington Post.

The hardest town hit by the caustic sludge, Kolontar, is where engineers are building retaining walls. This is also where the large cracks were noticed in the walls at the industrial plant reservoir.

Kolontar's residents were evacuated Saturday in case of another sludge disaster, said The Huffington Post.

On Saturday morning, Hungary's Prime Minister said it is probable that the wall will collapse, The New York Times reported.

The reservoir contains an industrial waste called "red-mud" and is a byproduct of the process that converts bauxite to alumina, which is used to make aluminum, said The New York Times. 200 million gallons entered three communities Monday.

Man tortured for being gay

NEW YORK, Ny., A 30 year-old man was invited to what he thought was a party but ended up being sodomized, burned and whipped for being gay.

The torture lasted for hours, The New York Times reported. The location of the crime occurred in the Bronx.

The nine attackers, self titled the "Latin King Goonies", kidnapped two teenage boys who they beat and sodomized. One of them admitted to having sex with the 30 year-old man.

The attackers forced the man to strip to his boxers, was tied to a chair, then ordered one of the teens to hit and burn the man. The attackers then sodomized him with a baseball bat.

Seven accused in the crime were arrested on Thursday and Friday. Charges include sodomy, unlawful imprisonment and sodomy and hate crimes, The New York Times said.

An eighth man was arrested on Saturday and a ninth is believed to still be on the loose, reported The Huffington Post. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was "sickened" by the event.

Police said the torture took place in a vacant building in an area where homosexuality is common.

The ninth man accused said was set to turn himself in on Saturday but never showed.

Analysis: Structure

By Justin Reis

After reviewing the Star Tribune story of the Twin Cities Marathon winner, the progression appears to b inline with what we are learning about the inverted triangle and overall style structure. Kent Youngblood appears to do an exceptional job on leading with the most important facts and telling the reader about the "bear", or talking about the news.

Youngblood captures all facts in each graph within one, concise sentence. The attribution is brief and placement of the graphs provides good overall flow.

The structure order begins with the marathon winners time, what the runner did to prepare for the win, other runs he took part in, and concluded with quotes (kicker) and weather in the area.

This is all effective when painting a picture of the runner's experience.

Californian wins Twin Cities Marathon

Sergio Reyes won the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon with a time of 2:14:02 for the 26.2 mile distance.

This is Reyes's second run in the marathon when five years back when he came in 59th place. This is his second win next to the 2009 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, the Pioneer Press said.

Reyes our ran two runners at the 23 1/2 mile mark where he maintained the lead position, winning him the 2010 title.

The weather made for a crisp clean run which may have added to Reyes's win, the Star Tribune reported.

Domestic partnerships catch on in Twin Cities suburbs

By Justin Reis

Bloomington, Richfield, Golden Valley and Robbinsdale are considering a domestic partnership registry similar to the one passed in Edina earlier this year.

The registry would allow unmarried straight or gay couples who are in long-lasting relationships to register their bond with the city, the Star Tribune said.

The domestic registry would allow couples to apply for applying for health insurance benefits with employers that allow domestic partnerships to be covered. In case of a medical emergency, the papers would be referenced to make important medical decisions.

Edina became the first Twin Cities suburb to pass the domestic registry this past spring.

Driver kills one man in North Side crash

A man suspected to be intoxicated intentionally struck and killed one man in a North Minneapolis neighborhood as many look on.

Maurice Meeks, 35, and another man were found unresponsive near a destroyed front porch. Meeks died on the way to the hospital while the other man's conditions have not yet been released.

One witness said it appeared the driver wanted to hit the group of people, said the Star Tribune.

Ameci Navaro Enge, 27, was arrested os suspicion of the collision, the Pioneer Press said. Police officials found the suspect's vehicle two blocks away from the crime scene.

Enge is at the Hennepin County Jail with pending charges of murder, criminal vehicular homicide and drunken driving, police said in a Pioneer Press report.

Terror alerts are raised in US and UK

Transportation systems and tourist attractions are suspected to be at risk in US and UK with fears al-Qaida has ties.

The Foreign Office listed both France and Germany as potential targets due to their high volume of tourism. The US is suspicious that al-Qaida has ties and suggested private and official targets could be in danger, said The Guardian.

US's suspicion follows a "commando-style" attack that took place in Mumbai in 2008, which killed 166 people.

CNN said Americans should take every precaution to protect themselves when traveling abroad. US is continuing to work closely with its European allies on international terroristic threats.

News was presented last week when Western intelligence officials reviewed information about a potential attack that would effect the US and UK territories, CNN said.

Truth about the 'Ground Zero mosque'

The widely criticized multifaith community center to be built near Ground Zero is not a mosque and also will feature a gym and playground.

Despite the false rumors about the building to be constructed on ground zero and sponsorships from al-qaida, design plans are revealed. The 15 story building will be set two blocks away from the former World Trade Center location.

The new space will feature an Islamic prayer center, an entire floor attributed to the September 11, 2001 attacks and a gym and childcare center. Restaurants and retail space will also be included, said The Guardian.

Park51 will include modern designs to keep up with New York City's sleek and futuristic styles.

The Los Angeles Times said the $120 million high-rise is viewed as insensitive by critics while supporters say politicians have wrongly commandeered the project. Construction is set to begin in late 2010.

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