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Here I compared the websites of The Huffington Post and the Guardian.

One notable feature the two sites share in common is the use of photos within the stories. It appears The Huff includes more in each story.

I also see video playing a major role in The Huff with many stories either featuring a video within the story or a link routing the reading to a video.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are big players in each site as well.

These all compliment news stories because the photos, videos, and ability to talk to your friends about news adds an additional element of emotion and coverage to a story. The visual aid allow the reader to fill in any gaps in a news story and allow a more accurate picture of the event to be portrayed to the reader.

The writing styles of each are both similar in that they are both AP driven.

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I do appreciate your work on the blogs. I hope it is helping you understand how you need to write the stories themselves.

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