Four went missing while in flight

By Justin Reis

Searchers found no trace of a Minneapolis father and his two sons after they went missing while in their single-engine plane.

They are believed to be located in the northwest Wyoming mountains. Their single-engine plane, The Mooney 20J, left the Jackson Wyoming airport October 25 and they disappeared from the radar an hour later, according to Kare11.

The pilot was Luke Bucklin, 40, and on board were his twins Nate and Nick, 14, and son Noah. The search is focused on nine square miles east of Gannett Peak.

The elevation of this area reaches over 13,800 feet.

CNN reported that a signal was detected Thursday, which was possible from the planes emergency locater.

The search operations chief said Sunday the Civil Air Patrol would evaluate the signal. Saturday night, teams searched the area, however due to blizzard like conditions they were not successful.

A friend of the family said they were visiting family and attended a wedding. Ginger Bucklin, the mother and wife, flew home separatley with their youngest child.

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