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I have been following the caustic sludge story in Hungary since reservoirs first broke. I have been getting a lot of my information fro The New York Times and keeping tabs on the updates. Just reviewing the story from Friday to today is much different as what was discussed on Friday is now old news and summarized into key facts combined with new info. The news from Friday had a long explanation of the villages that were already effected and in-depth coverage on the reservoirs in the industrial area. Today, facts surrounding each of these points are included in the coverage, however, secondary to the hot topics. Today the topic is "when is the second wave of sludge going to pour into the towns and precautionary measures.

Today's story is advanced from Friday's coverage in that the points from Friday are much lower down in the story. The news is much higher up. I don't see a a response to a competing news organization, however, when I review similar stories on The Huffington Post's website theirs appear to compete with NYT's.

NYT makes a stronger attempt to break the news in this case.

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