Analysis: Obit

By Justin Reis

Artie Wilson died.

The source used was his wife, Dorothy. The type of lead is standard NYTimes style. I see the age is listed last, as we learned in class, with a briefing on his career in baseball. The lead is effective as it educates readers who he was, what he did, and when and where he died. The information is detailed enough to educate a reader such as myself who he was as I am not familiar with his past.

The lead and overall obit is sympathetic to the emotions of readers and play tribute to his accomplishments. This leads into how the obit differs from a resume.

There is chronology which lists his accomplishments. All of these facts I am confident could be researched online, however the small message of personality and passion for the man she lost and adding to the man he was are not facts that could be researched.

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