Life is grim for local access TV

By Justin Reis

MADISON, Wis.--At WYOU Community Television, "the future is bleak", Barbra Bolan, the WYOU executive director, said.

The state did not grant the station the anticipated $140,000 that helped supply the station with musical, cooking, and other community programming, Bolan said. According to USA Today, Bolan has laid off staff and the station moved to a smaller office.

The problems at WYOU occur at other stations across the nation. Public support and new technology are main contributors to the downfall of many newsrooms, reported USA Today.

Within the last five years, around 600 community access stations have shut down, Sue Buske, a telecommunications consultant, said. Buske said roughly 5,000 stations similar to WYOU remain.

Community TV problems originated when changes made in 21 states.

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