Analysis: CAR

By Justin Reis

For this analysis, I researched for computer assisted reporting. This is a technique commonly used today and is used here.

The link in the story brings the reader to a page about fracking wells, which are blamed for polluted water due to the extraction of natural gas and is a growing problem in 28 states, according to the site. Here one will find a step-by-step guide to a clear definition and picture about fracking and how it occurs.

Also, the report includes a picture talking about horizontal drilling practices and its effects on water pollution. Additionally, an interactive map of the U.S. outlining "States where hydraulic fracturing is done, and total wells per state".

This information is clear to read ann navigate through. Also, this form of reporting make the story more informational and interesting in that the reader can see how the issue effects them.

CAR lets the reader go beyond the written story.

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