Iran opens up about locally mined uranium

By Justin Reis

Iran is locally mining uranium for the first time, in an act to fight against the west, according to the Guardian.

Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said it had used domestically produced uranium at its conversion plant in Isfahan. The UN does not ban the production of uranium in Iran, however they are working stop their production of yellowcake, which is refined ore.

The Guardian said Iran's ore deposits are low and limiting the amount of yellowcake the country is able to produce.

The timing of the release of the information is thought to not be accidental, as Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, is scheduled to meet with diplomats in Geneva Monday to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The yellowcake was mined from the Gchine mine near the Persian Gulf. According to the Atomic Energy Agency, they said the mine has "low to medium grade uranium ore".

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