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By Justin Reis

A state trooper began a chase after a driver early Sunday when the suspect's car crashed into two other vehicles, killing a mother and her two children, according to the Star Tribune..

Amanda Jean Thomas, 29, of Fridley, along with her two young sons, were killed in the chase, police said. The boys were Andre, 12, and Averon, 3 months.

Rufus Onel Victor, 29, tried to flee the scene by foot and was then arrested and taken to the Hennepin County jail. Police said he had minor injuries.

Victor was chemically impaired at the time of the crash and was driving a stolen vehicle, police said.

Thomas and her children were leaving a Hanukkah celebration prior to the accident. The Star Tribune reported, Amanda Thomas was "a happy, outgoing, family-oriented woman who was devoted to her children," said longtime family friend

Will Farve be out for the season?

By Justin Reis

Vikings quarterback Brett Farve said he sprained his SC joint Sunday and is not sure if he will be able to play against the New York Giants next week, according the the Pioneer Press.

Farve was hurt when he threw his first pass in the first quarter. He did not return to the Vikings victory over the Buffalo Bills at the Metrodome, Sunday.

The Pioneer Press reported, "I'd like to see it through," Favre said when referring to his last season with the Vikings. He hopes he can come back and finish the season.

Farve said the X-rays were negative and has a scheduled MRI on Monday.

Leslie Frazier, interim coach for the Vikings, said Farve will continue to be the starting quarterback is he is healthy enough.

Online poll started by Twin Cities couple begins frenzy

By Justin Reis

A Twin Cities couple started an online poll on asking whether the woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, should have an abortion, Thursday.

"Birth or not" owners said, "Give people a chance to voice their opinions in a real situation", according to the Star Tribune.

Alisha Arnold, 30, of Apple Valley and her husband, Peter Arnold, started the website because of their frustration with their recent three miscarriages. The Star Tribune said they weren't sure they were ready to have a baby.

They received hateful e-mails saying, "we were idiots and don't deserve to be parents and were irresponsible," Arnold said.

Driver charged with UW student death

By Justin Reis

A Menomonie man was charged with three felonies after being the suspected killer of a college student while driving drunk, according to the Pioneer Press.

Isaac W. Storandt, 24, was charged Friday in Dunn County. Charges included two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in the March death of Michael J. Dixon, 24, a University of Wisconsin-Stout student.

Police officers were called to an accident at early March 12. Dixon had been struck while crossing a street north of campus.

Storandt admitted to being the driver of the car that hit him, according to the Pioneer Press.

Dixon died from respiratory failure.

Dayton and Emmer wait for recount results

By Justin Reis

The recount battle continues for Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer for their race to be governor, according to the Star Tribune.

Dayton is in the lead by one half of a percent. A large investment is necessary to complete the recount, but republicans are ready to pay what is needed to see their man on top.

"I don't think there's any downside to keeping this recount going on as long as possible," said a high-level Republican operative who wished to remain anonymous.

For Dayton, an estimated $2 million dollars may be needed to complete the recount.

Don Shelby retires from WCCO after 32 years

By Justin Reis

Don Shelby plans to deliver his last newscast Nov. 22 and plans to say good bye to WCCO after 32 years, according to the Pioneer Press.

The 63 year old anchorman said, "When I have effectively told stories, the reaction is how I would want it to be." Shelby arrived to WCCO from Houston in 1978.

In April of 1980 he was close to loosing his job as he was intoxicated. The former news director Ron Handberg gave Shelby an ultimatum to go to rehab or loose his job.

In an unusual moment of lucidity and sanity, I chose the option of going to treatment," Shelby said.

The Broadcasting Hall of Fame member's last newscast on WCCO will be at 10 p.m.

Hunting accident hurts Bloomington teen

By Justin Reis

A Bloomington teen was hurt in hunting accident in western Minnesota Saturday, according to the Pioneer Press.

Jesse Gess, 16, was struck by a slug while in his father's truck. The father of the teen told investigators he was loading the shotgun when it accidentally discharged.

Gess was taken to Ortonville Hospital. Information of his injuries hive not yet been released.

The accident happened near the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Big Stone county.

The Emmer vs. Dayton recount

By Justin Reis

A state-funded hand recount of the election votes will happen as Democrat nominee Mark Dayton leads Republican Tom Emmer by around 9,000 votes.

Dayton's lead by 0.42 percentage points is a difference that requires a recount, the Pioneer Press said. Some Republicans are doubting the win after the recount, but a lawsuit may what they need to get ahead.

According to the Pioneer Press, and GOP Chairman Tony Sutton, the lawsuit would encompass machine jams or possible irregularities.

The recount process is familiar because of the 2008 recount between senator nominees Norm Coleman and Al Franken. In their case, Coleman had legitimate legal grounds, it is not clear if the same would be for Emmer, the Star Tribune reported.

"There would need to be problems in the voting process that are violations of the law that could make a difference in the outcome," Edward Foley, a law professor at Ohio State University, said.

If a recount happens, Dec. 14 is the day to Dec. 14 to certify the results.

Cross off the Crosstown Project

By Justin Reis

The Crosstown project cost $288 million and has officially come to a close as Minnesota's largest highway project.

Minneosota Department of Transportation said the project was completed on budget and will make traffic safer and easier, reported Kare11. The Crosstown project will also loosen up traffic on Minneapolis's side streets.

Carpool lanes will open in November.

Mn/DOT is hosting a celebration for business owners effected by the construction November 13.

Four went missing while in flight

By Justin Reis

Searchers found no trace of a Minneapolis father and his two sons after they went missing while in their single-engine plane.

They are believed to be located in the northwest Wyoming mountains. Their single-engine plane, The Mooney 20J, left the Jackson Wyoming airport October 25 and they disappeared from the radar an hour later, according to Kare11.

The pilot was Luke Bucklin, 40, and on board were his twins Nate and Nick, 14, and son Noah. The search is focused on nine square miles east of Gannett Peak.

The elevation of this area reaches over 13,800 feet.

CNN reported that a signal was detected Thursday, which was possible from the planes emergency locater.

The search operations chief said Sunday the Civil Air Patrol would evaluate the signal. Saturday night, teams searched the area, however due to blizzard like conditions they were not successful.

A friend of the family said they were visiting family and attended a wedding. Ginger Bucklin, the mother and wife, flew home separatley with their youngest child.

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