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As I have begun reading more about different types of leadership it has begun to become more apparent to me that not only is being a leader about being there for the people you are leading, but it is bettering yourself for them as well. I think that it is important for leaders to learn exactly what the people they are trying to lead need and to adapt to those needs. A leader must be consistently bettering themselves, therefore bettering the whole team. At the same time, I think it is possible for a leader to have multiple, ever-changing leadership styles, but only because a leader must being doing what is best for their team.

What is Leadership?

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I think that leadership cannot be defined by just one person because there are so many types of leaders and perspectives on what makes a good leader. Personally, I feel that leadership is the ability to help guide others while they grow and develop at their own pace and in their own direction. It is less about the leader and more about the people being led. Someone once told me, "It's not about us, but it's because of us." I think that that is a great way to view leadership. Anyone can stand in front of a room, talking for hours, and ordering people around, but, it takes a true leader to create a community that works together to accomplish complimentary goals. Another aspect of leadership that I find important is the ability to listen. Leaders should do less talking and more listening, because how are you going to lead anyone, if you don't know where they want to be led?

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