Week Seven

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Last Week's Definition: This week I reaffirmed my beliefs that leaders are most effective when they are working toward the best interest of the group and changing according to their evolving needs, are consistently working to become a better person and routinely perform personal 'checks' of why they are acting and leading the way that they are. Expanding on that, I think that it is pertinent that leaders clearly define their ethical beliefs and be aware of any changes in those beliefs. It is critical that they examine every leadership decision from both sides and an ethical lens.

This Week's Definition: My definition this week has not changed much since last week. I still firmly believe that leaders work the most effectively when striving to be the best leader they can be for their team and are constantly assessing how and why they are leading and that they have a clear understanding of their ever-changing ethical beliefs and analyse each decision from multiple ethical views. Expanding on my previous concept of evolving to meet team needs, leaders must also be aware of the current external environment and adapt their leadership style to meet the current business climate.

Analysis of Differences: I found this week's article extremely interesting on account of my business background, and I could really relate with the concept. However, I believe that these notions can be applied to all leadership situations. According to the article, when it comes to leadership there is no normal situation, each new situation provides the opportunity to push your team into improving performance by stepping outside the comfort zone and reevaluating the norm. (Heifetz, Grashow & Linsky, 2009, p 62-69) As a person with Adaptability as one of my top five strengths I can relate to this very personally.

Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Linsky, M. (2009). "Leadership in a (permanent) crisis." Harvard Business Review, 87(7), 62-69.

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Grade: 10 out of 10 possible
Clarity of the new definition: 2 points of 2 possible
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 6 points of 6 possible
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 points of 2 possible

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