Week 13

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Last Week's Definition: In addition to my current definition of leadership, stating that leaders are people who work with the group by listening to all needs and adapting their leadership style to fit those needs. A leader works on their own beliefs and values and does not deviate from those, they are also always working toward becoming a better leader and providing the best possible guidance filled with understanding and without judgement to the group. They also must be aware of how the group complements one another and how there may be unconscious prejudice that may need to be addressed. I believe that it is also important that a leader realizes that they are part of a group and that conflict is natural and decisions should involve the whole group.

This Week's Definition: My current definition of leadership is that a leader is someone who works toward bettering themselves while serving others and putting their best interests above their own. A leader works toward bettering themselves by evaluating their beliefs and values, they are also conscious of conflict that may occur in the group and how to solve any preexisting prejudices. A good leader helps guide their team by listening to the needs of the group and adjusting their style based on that. A leader needs to be constantly working toward being a better person and may do so through intentional change.

Analysis of Readings: According to Boytzis (2006), a person can go through intentional change. When one feels the need for a desired and sustainable change to their actions, beliefs or competencies, they may work through the Theory of Self-Directed Learning. This analyzes where a leader is (Real Self) and the gap between type of leader they wish to be (Ideal Self). A good leader will utilize their strengths and create a strong support system to reduce this gap.

Boyatzis, R. E. (2006). "An Overview of Intentional Change from a Leadership Perspective." Journal of Management Development, 25(7), 607-623. doi:10.1108/02621710610678445

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Grade: 8 out of 10 possible
Clarity of the new definition: 1 point of 2 possible
Thoughtfulness of the analysis: 5 points of 6 possible
Grammar, spelling, and APA style: 2 points of 2 possible

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