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Week 14

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Last Week's Definition: My current definition of leadership is that a leader is someone who works toward bettering themselves while serving others and putting their best interests above their own. A leader works toward bettering themselves by evaluating their beliefs and values, they are also conscious of conflict that may occur in the group and how to solve any preexisting prejudices. A good leader helps guide their team by listening to the needs of the group and adjusting their style based on that. A leader needs to be constantly working toward being a better person and may do so through intentional change.

This Week's Definition: My current definition of a leader has less to do with what they do and more has to do with who the leader is as a person. A leader must be very comfortable in their skin and know exactly what their values are in order to be able to adapt according to outside situations and the needs of the group. A leader must also be aware of conflict and always listen to the group. Something that a leader must also understand is how complex a group is and that each person may take something a different way and therefore, must be cautious and thoughtful when communicating.

Analysis of Reading: According to Saphiere, Mikk, & Devries, communicating with a group is a complex system, similar to a circus. There are multiple ways that the intention of a communication may not match the impact that it had. This is important for a leader to keep in mind and will need to evaluate each situation accordingly. A leader should get to know each member of its group in order to communicate effectively. Communicating effectively is more about how the listener interprets it as opposed to how you communicate it. (Saphiere, Mikk, & Devries, 2005, p 68-75)

Saphiere, D. H., Mikk, B. K., & Devries, B. I. (2005). "Factors Affecting Communication Style: Starring acts in the circus." 47 - 82. Retrieved from

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