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By Ann B. Waltner, Director of Graduate Studies for Religious Studies, Professor of History, and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study

Why should you think about doing a graduate minor in Religious Studies?

The graduate minor in the Program in Religious Studies provides a structured way for students who are interested in religion, no matter what their disciplinary focus, to do systematic coursework in religion. Students are required to take RELS 5001, a methods course, and three other courses, subject to the approval of the DGS. A member of the Religious Studies graduate faculty must serve on your prelims committee. A minor in religious studies offers you the opportunity to interact with faculty and other graduate students who are interested in similar questions in very different contexts--disciplinary, temporal, geographic.

The Program in Religious Studies is structured in a deliberately interdisciplinary way. We are constantly engaged in conversations across disciplinary lines which help bring the subjects of our study into clearer view. My own training is as a historian of China in the Ming and Qing dynasties. My appreciation for interdisciplinary work has been intensified since I became director of the Institute for Advanced Study, a university-wide interdisciplinary research institute. If you would like to come talk to me about declaring a graduate minor, please feel free to make an appointment. I can best be reached by e-mail at

Graduate Student Reception

Each year, we hold a graduate student reception, which is a terrific opportunity to meet other graduate students with similar interests and to interact in informal ways with faculty.

Religious Studies Graduate Minors Study a Broad Range of Religion

Students minoring in religious studies are interested in a wide range of topics, from the process of religious conversion in contemporary America to religion in antiquity, and their home disciplines range from rhetoric to anthropology to sociology.

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