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Strong student community ties and motivation for academic success define religious studies undergraduates at the University of Minnesota

Harold A. Anderson Scholarship

Three outstanding religious studies undergraduate students received the Harold A. Anderson Scholarship in 2009-2010. Jacob Berres plans to study Islam, Judaism, and Christianity before persuing a graduate degree in global studies, international affairs, or political science. Anthony Meyer is an avid writer and plans to study biblical criticism in preparation for graduate study in divinity school. Carl Moerschbacher is working on Greek and Hebrew language aquisition as well as text criticism and biblical exegesis. Congratulations to three motivated junior scholars!

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Religion, Arts, and Diversity League

An outgoing group of religious studies majors worked tirelessly to form a brand new campus community student group in spring 2010. The Religion, Arts, and Diversity (RAD) League will hold monthly film screenings and organize a local lecture series. Work has already begun on an online religious studies undergraduate journal, providing a medium for students to publish their work. The RAD League is an interdisciplinary student group by design and encourages members affiliated with all religions, majors, and campus communities to join. Contact the program directly for more information and stay tuned for developments.

Religious Studies on Facebook

New in 2010, the Program in Religious Studies is on Facebook! Visit us for announcements, information about upcoming events, discussions, and a growing online community. Many alumni and affiliated members of the community have already become "friends" of the Program in Religious Studies at the University of Minnesota. "Like" us on Facebook.

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