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Program in Religious Studies faculty members support the University of Minnesota's mission by advancing academic excellence with extraordinary education, breakthrough research, and dynamic public engagement.

Kirsten Fisher
Kirsten Fischer recently published " 'Religion Governed by Terror': A Deist Critique of Fearful Christianity in the Early American Republic," Revue Française D'Études Américaines 125 (3e Trimestre, 2010): 13-26. In 2010, she received the Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. Currently, Fischer is a Fulbright fellow at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Jasper Hopkins
Jasper Hopkins published two new articles including "Non est quicquam expers pulchritudinis. Il tema della bellezza nei Sermoni di Nicola Cusano," in A caccia dell'infinito. L'umano e la ricerca del divino nell'opera di Nicola Cusano, edited by Cesare Catà, pp. 63-74, Rome: Aracne Editrice, 2010, and "Coincidentia Oppositorum in Nicholas of Cusa's Sermons," in The Principle of "Coincidentia oppositorum" in the History of European Thought, edited by Oleg Dushin et al., pp. 126-139 , Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Philosophy. Center for the Study of Medieval Culture (2011). His Cusanus translations have been adopted by the German Cusanus Institute and appear on their website.

Jeanne H. Kilde
Jeanne H. Kilde recently published two articles: "The Park 51/Ground Zero Controversy and Sacred Sites as Contested Space," in Religions 2 (3), 297-311 and "Christian Worship: Its Time and Space" in American Christianities, edited by Catherine A. Brekus and W. Clark Gilpin (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2011). She also recieved a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society to study religion among immigrant groups in the Twin Cities.

Riv-Ellen Prell
Riv-Ellen Prell has been awarded the 2011 Marshall Sklare Memorial Award of the Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry for distinguished achievement as a scholar. She published " 'How Do You Know that I Am a Jew?' Authority, Cultural Identity and the Shaping of Postwar American Judaism" in Jewish Studies at the Crossroads of History and Anthropology: Authority, Tradition, Diaspora, edited by Ra'anan Boustan, Oren Kosansky, and Marina Rustow, University of Pennsylvania Press 2011, and coedited and introduced a special issue on youth for American Jewish History in 2010.

Daniel Schroeter
Daniel Schroeter co-edited a new volume with Emily Benichou Gottreich. Jewish Culture and Society in North Africa (Indiana University Press, 2011) sheds new light on Jewish life and Muslim-Jewish relations in North Africa through the lenses of history, anthropology, language, and literature.

John Soderberg
John Soderberg received a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society to create three-dimensional models of rock carvings at the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site in southwestern Minnesota. These carvings record historic events, parables, and prayers of American Indians over the last 7,000 years. The project will use a white light scanner to record the sub-millimeter topography of carvings. Work began in August 2011 and will continue until November 2012.

Shaden Tageldin
Shaden Tageldin's first book, , was published by the University of California Press in June of 2011 (link). Tageldin also published two essays, "Secularizing Islam: Carlyle, al-Siba'i, and the Translations of 'Religion' in British Egypt," PMLA (126, no. 1 [January 2011]: 123-39), and "One Comparative Literature? 'Birth' of a Discipline in French-Egyptian Translation, 1810-1834," Comparative Literature Studies (47, no. 4 [2010]: 417-45). She spent fall 2011 as a Fulbright scholar in Egypt. Tageldin's new book project will develop a transcontinental theory of modern comparative literature.

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