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From the Director

director09.pngIt is a real pleasure to send out greetings from the new Religious Studies Program! As many of you know, the College of Liberal Arts and the Classical and Near Eastern Studies Department completed a major revision of the Religious Studies major last spring.

How to Study Religion--And Why

By Anthony Meyer
The study of religion at the university level is frequently not what people expect it to be. All too often, the assumption is that we study the meanings of texts as they would be studied in places of worship.

The RELS Major

The field of religious studies draws from a number of academic disciplines. CLA's religious studies major was designed as an interdepartmental major to reflect this characteristic of the field.

From politics to medicine to linguistics, religion is a topic, often controversial, that is raised time and time again.

Studying Religion Abroad

By Korla Masters
This past fall, I spent four months in Central America with Augsburg College's Center for Global Education. During October, we (myself and the seventeen other students I studied with) lived in El Salvador and studied liberation theology.

Harold C. Anderson Scholarship

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Sophomores and juniors majoring in Religious Studies are invited to apply for a scholarship honoring the memory of Dr. Harold C. Anderson.

Professor Roetzel is an internationally recognized scholar of the Apostle Paul. He has written countless books, articles, and essays on the subject. His book Paul: The Man and the Myth being selected as "Best Popular Book Relating to the New Testament, 1997-98" by the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Andy is a third year student double majoring in Asian Languages and Religious Studies (Track II: Texts and Traditions) and minoring in History. He plans on graduating at the end of next year and then moving on to graduate school.

By Anthony Meyer
Ann Waltner is a Religious Studies Steering Committee member, Professor of History and of Asian Languages and Literatures, and the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study.

A Recent Lecture by Dr. Anthony Pinn
In February the Religious Studies Program was proud to sponsor a lecture this by Dr. Anthony Pinn, Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University.

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