October 29, 2005


We like to know who you are -- whether you're a student, employer, teacher, administator, etc., and what department you're in -- but if you'd rather be anonymous, that option is available as well. When you leave a comment, it's fine to put a pseudonym in the "Name" field and a fake email address like "nobody@nowhere.com" in the email address field.

Also, feel free to write brief "literacy autobiographies" regarding your experiences taking/teaching writing at the U. Here are some questions to get you started:

1. What specific writing assignment (from a course at the U or elsewhere) taught you the most about writing? Describe the assignment in detail and your experience writing it.
2. Describe the ideal writing assignment (or course). What would be the criteria? What would be the objectives?
3. (For students) How do the expectations of writing teachers at the U match up with your level of preparedness? In other words, do you feel that your high school and/or community college writing courses prepared you well for writing courses at the U? Do writing teachers at the U expect too little of students? Too much?

at October 29, 2005 9:28 AM