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Chambers Art Reaction?

Piece: L. W. S. 2.

Artist: Ashley Bickerton

It was very interesting to see this piece at Chambers and hear Jeff Koons' name in the description of the art. This is because when I was in London over break, we went to the Tate Modern Museum and they were showing a pop art exhibit. Jeff Koons had a lot of work on display in this exhibit. His art was very provocative. In fact, most would probably call it pornographic. Ashley Bickerton came up in the art world through the same means that Jeff Koons did. This piece by Ashley Bickerton does however, seem to be a bit more tastefully done. It is kind of a narrative on the sad idea that Americans are spoiled with so much entertainment, that they really don't need any human interaction. There is a blow-up doll in the bed, pornographic images on the wall, and the man's "supplies" are scattered around the room. The entire space is pretty much shadow and darkness, except for the fragments of light coming in through the blinded windows, giving it a jail cell like quality. There is a foreign man (possibly alluding to the idea of people immigrating to America for this sad kind of freedom) who looks disturbingly satisfied. The American flag on the wall really ties the piece together. The meaning is completely different without the flag. I really like how the artist conveyed her message in kind of a sad but humorous way. The coloring of it gives kind of a joking cartoonish feel to it, but at the same time, she is giving a very deprecating critique on American society and how the entertainment industry has warped our human nature. Overall, I think the piece is very well put together and conveys the message in a very clear way.

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